What is Playstation 5 (Slim) Price in India on Offline or Online Gaming Stores?


Sony’s new Playstation 5 aka PS5 slim (Digital & Disc edition) with 1 TB storage is now available to buy in Indian. The starting price of new Playstation 5 slim is Rs 44,990 and new variants are more compact, occupies a 30 % smaller footprint compared to the 2020 PS5.

Sony also claims that the PS5 Slim is 25% lighter in weight and can be easier to pick up and relocate, while also being a little easier to fit next to your TV.

In this article, we will discuss the new PlayStation 5 price, latest deals, and buying guide in detail. You will get an idea regarding price and hence you can decide better from where should you buy it to save money!

Playstation 5 Price in India

The gaming experience in India is very unique. Video games have now become an important entertainment source and people are very keen on it. Sony’s PlayStation series is a leading gaming console that has entertained players for years. Among them the PlayStation 5 is the latest flagship product from Sony and has achieved immense success in the Indian market. However, its price and the deals available have been a major concern.

Sony has launched two versions of PlayStation 5 – Standard and Digital Edition. The Standard Edition includes a Blu-ray Disc drive, while the Digital Edition can only play games purchased at digital game stores.

Now in 2024 Sony redesigned Playstation 5 and launched it with new name PS5 Slim. It is almost identical to the 2020 PlayStation 5, but slightly thinner and lighter. Additionally, the new PS 5 Slim offers 1 TB of storage space instead of the usual 825 GB.

  • Playstation 5 Slim Price Without Disc ₹44,990 (Digital Edition)
  • Playstation 5 Slim Price With Disc ₹54,990 (Disc Edition)

These prices are approximate retail prices and may vary at different retailers. You can get up to 5-10% off on the online retail gaming stores or you might also get free games or discs.

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With options for both disc and disc-less editions, consumers may select the best match for their gaming needs. And for those who choose the PS5 Digital Edition but subsequently change their minds, Sony has a solution with a removable Blu-ray disc drive, which is sold separately for INR 10,990.

So Sony ps5 blu ray disc drive price in india would be around Rs 10,990 and in addition to that, if you opt for PS5 faceplates in various colors such as Volcanic Red, Cobalt Blue, and Sterling Silver, this will cost you somewhere between Rs 3,999 to 4,999 only.

Latest Deals and Discounts

The PlayStation 5 is an expensive product, and most players look for deals and discounts. Luckily, various e-commerce websites and retailers offer discounts on PlayStation 5 from time to time.

You can find current deals on major e-commerce sites like Amazon.in and Flipkart.com, cromo.com, tataclicq.com, reliancedigital.in. Additionally, local electronics stores may also offer the latest discounts and bundles.

The older variant of PS 5 which was launched in 2020 (thinker design), can be purchased from gaming stores under budget of Rs 34000-39000 only with 1 year official brand warranty.

Buying Guide of PlayStation 5

Before purchasing a PlayStation 5 or new PS 5 Slim, there are some important things to consider:

  • Budget: Select the version of PlayStation 5 according to your budget. If you only plan on purchasing digital games, the Digital Edition may be a good option.
  • Game Library: If you want to use your old game discs, the Standard Edition is required.
  • Extras: Keep in mind accessories like an extra DualSense controller, extra storage, and HDMI cable as these will improve your experience.
  • Warranty and Service: Check the availability of warranty and service centers while purchasing.

Sony PlayStation 5 Slim is a great option for Indian gamers. Whether you choose the budget-friendly version or wait for the best deals, the PlayStation 5 will let you enjoy your favorite games. However, it is important to consider your budget and requirements when purchasing.