PS6 leaked news confirms when PlayStation 6 will be launched


In the home consoles domain nobody can beat the wave of Sony’s PlayStation and the craze is picking more heat as users came to know that the next gen of PlayStation PS6 will be launched by Sony with more powerful hardware and some powerful futuristic features.

But the question is when PS 6 will be launched. Did Sony give any confirmation on the release date of PS6?

Well guys,  the wait is now over as we have some latest updates on the PS6. As the per the latest leaks and rumors of PlayStation 6 we can expect the PS6 in the end of 2027 or it would be launched in first half of 2028.

Though the PS6 release date has not yet confirmed by the officials but as per the history many experts are quite sure that the new generation of PlayStation will be launched somewhere in 2027 or 2028.

And guys if that’s a confirmed news then PS6 sale will be started and will be available to users within 3 to 4 months.

In an recent tweets it has been already cleared that the testing and development in of PS6 has already begun which means the PS5 has more years to rule in the home video game consoles segment.

So that’s about the #PS6 launch

Meanwhile, Sony is all set to launch new models of PlayStation 5 named PS5 thin and PS5 pro. The new models are to launch in September 2023 and from here Sony will offer detachable driver option which make the disk drive optional in the PS5.

Both would be progressive model which will make the gaming experience better and smoother. And with this, user can expect some price hike, but some welcome offers and exclusive deals will cover the cost!

After that the Sony will shift full focus on the PlayStation 6 and we all can get more updates regarding concept design, hardware specs, and PS6 games etc.

What do you think of PS6 release date? Will Sony launch the next generation of PlayStation in 2027? Or we have to wait for till 2028?

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