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How to claim your Booyah in free fire max


Want to claim your Booyah while playing the Free Fire Max game for first time? If you want to win very first game like a pro and want to claim Booyah! then you must take care of some important things like character, weapon, map learning technique, communication and teamwork.

Once you master these.. you can increase you chance of winning and easily claim Booyah in the free fire max game in very first attempt and share the achievement with others on social media platforms.

In this article, we will discuss about the important strategies and tips needed to get Booyah in Free Fire Max. This article will also share  real experience and gameplay examples, so you can improve your gaming skills and claim Booyah in very first attempt like a professional player.

Choose the right character

Choosing a character is very important as it helps in the game and helps you stay in the game for a long time. There are many characters available in Free Fire Max, who have specific abilities.

Choosing a right gaming character can increase your chances of winning. DJ Alok and Chrono are 2 most famous characters that are highly popular among the game players as the…

  • DJ Alok’s ability ‘Drop the Beat’ helps players increase HP and movement speed, which is especially helpful in team games.
  • At the same time, Chrono’s ability ‘Time Turner’ creates a force field that defends against enemies and also increases the movement speed of players.

Using these characters you can strengthen your position in the game and increase winning probability!

Choosing the right weapons and using them

Selecting weapons and using them correctly is a crucial part of the gameplay. Assault rifles, such as the AK and M4A1, are suitable for long and medium-range combat. Use them to fire from cover. Sniper rifles, such as the AWM and Kar98k, excel in long-range combat. Use them to target enemies from high places. SMGs and shotguns, such as the MP40 and M1887, are highly effective in close combat. Using them at the right time and distance can increase your chances of victory.

Map knowledge and strategy

Knowledge of the map and a proper strategy are extremely important to achieve Booyah. While selecting the landing spot, keep in mind that the place should be rich in loot and away from the initial fight. For example, ‘Cape Town’ and ‘Sentosa’ are good choices, where you can get the required loot and avoid the initial fight. Keep an eye on the safe zone and enter it on time. Staying outside the safe zone reduces your HP, which reduces your chances of winning.

Proper loot

Knowing the right way to loot is also important. Without the right equipment and weapons, it can be difficult to achieve Booyah. Prioritize important items such as weapons, health kits, and armor while looting. Scopes and grenades are also important. Change location immediately after looting. Staying in one place increases the risk of enemies and you can become an easy target.

Teamwork and communication

If you are playing in a squad, teamwork and communication are extremely important. Maintain communication with your team. Share the location of enemies, loot information, and strategy. If a fellow player falls, pick him up. It can be difficult to win without a team. Plan collectively and act together so that your team’s strength against enemies is greater.

Taking the fight at the right place and time

The right selection of the time and place of the fight can also be the key to your victory. Always use cover during the fight. Fighting in the open can make you an easy target for enemies. Attack enemies from behind cover and make a strategy by understanding their position. Use flanking tactics to dodge enemies. This allows you to target enemies from behind and surprise them.

Final Circle

In the final stage, all players are in the safe zone and the fight is extremely intense. Taking a high position at this time gives you better view and protection. From a high position you can easily see and target enemies. It is important to stay calm and attack at the right time. Avoid making hasty decisions and keep your position strong. Play patiently and attack enemies at the right time.


Getting Booyah in Free Fire Max demands practice, right strategy, and patience. The tips and strategies given above will help you play better. Choosing the right character and weapons, knowledge of the map, and teamwork increase your chances of victory.

It is advised by the gaming experts on YouTube that keep an eye on your position, keep watching enemies and stay safe in the safe zone as long as you can. You can hide yourself behind the trees, you can keep in contact with other team players, you can take a safe position at a height, etc etc.

With this you can stay alive for long in the game, and claim your Booyah. So Good luck getting Booyah in Free Fire Max! Keep playing and improving your skills.

Don’t forget to share video and images of your first victory. Celebrate first victory with others and share it on social media platforms!

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