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Be a Pro with these free fire max tips and tricks


Free Fire Max is a very popular battle royale game that has brought a revolution in the mobile gaming world. Adopting some tips and tricks while playing this game will not only improve your gameplay but will also help you to stay ahead of your friends.

In this article, we will tell you about most useful free fire max tips and tricks with which you can improve your performance in Free Fire Max and stay ahead in the game and get good score.

Proper Gear Selection

It is very important to choose the right weapon in Free Fire Max. Different combat requires different gear. For example, it would be better to use a sniper rifle for long-range combat while a shotgun or assault rifle should be used for close combat. Apart from this, good vests, helmets and other rescue equipment should also be chosen.

Proper Positioning

Taking the right position is very important in Free Fire Max. You should always be in places from where you can easily see and target your enemies. Apart from this, you should also know how to take cover so that the enemy cannot see you easily. It is also important that you maintain the right coordination with your teammates.

Visual Settings

It is also very important to properly configure the best visual settings in Free Fire Max. Using high graphics settings will give you a better visual experience but it may affect the performance of the game. Therefore, the right graphics settings should be chosen based on the capability of your device.


It is said that “practice is the key to perfection” and the same applies to Free Fire Max. It has been also revealed in a survey (shared on Reddit) that over 70% of respondents believed practicing in the training mode significantly improved their in-game performance.

The more you practice, the better you will be. You can use the training ground mode or play in a custom room with your friends. This will help you understand the rules and methods of the game.


Free Fire Max is a team-based game. Therefore, if you play together with your teammates, your chances of success are much higher. Team members should support each other and move forward by making an organized strategy.

Map Knowledge

Every map has its own design and layout. Therefore, it is very important to have complete information about the map on which you are playing. You should learn map and know where to get loot, where to get cover, and which way to proceed.

Use of Utilities

There are many useful tools available in Free Fire Max, using which you can improve your game. Like using grenades, smoke, and other utilities, you can confuse enemies and attack them.

Even at the time of selecting character, you can make smart move. The character Alok boosts movement speed and heals himself and teammates, while the character Laura increases accuracy over long distances, ideal for snipers!

Final Words

Free Fire Max is a great battle royale game but to be successful in it, you have to adopt some tips and tricks. By adopting the above tips and tricks, you can improve your gameplay to a great extent and get ahead of your friends.

However, it is important to note that gaming is only a means of entertainment and should not be done beyond limits. So go ahead and improve your gaming experience in Free Fire Max by following these tips and claim your Booyah!

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