How to choose the right weapon in Free Fire Max


The battle royale game Free Fire Max has gained a lot of popularity among gamers around the world in a short time. Your main goal in this game is to be the last surviving team and become the winner. But this goal is not so easy to achieve as you will have to fight many rivals. So it is very important for you to choose the right weapon to survive in this battle.

Weapons are your main power and choosing the right weapon will decide your victory and defeat. This is one of the most important useful trick that can keep you in the game and make you win eventually.

Important Features of Weapons

When you play Free Fire Max, some important features of weapons should be considered which are as follows:


The damage of a weapon indicates its power. The higher the damage, the fewer bullets it will take to kill the opponent. So weapons with higher damage are better. However, weapons with higher damage can be difficult to use as they have more recoil.


The battleground in Free Fire Max is very large. So you sometimes have to fight opponents located far away as well. At such times, long-range weapons prove to be very useful. But if you are engaged in close combat then close combat weapons will work better. So it is important to select weapons based on the game situation.

RPM (Rounds Per Minute)

RPM indicates the bullet firing speed of the weapon. Weapons with higher RPM fire more bullets in a given time. When you need to quickly fire bullets at an opponent, a weapon with a high RPM will be useful. However, with a higher RPM, the damage is usually less.

Magazine Capacity

The capacity of a weapon is how many bullets it can hold in its magazine. A weapon with a higher capacity will let you fire more bullets at a time and you will have to reload less often. This is not of much importance in short battles but in long battles, it can prove to be very useful.


A good weapon is one that is easy to control and has low recoil. If a weapon has a lot of recoil, it will become difficult to use and your marksmanship will be affected. Beginners should choose weapons with low recoil and we already mentioned about it in the Free fire max tips and tricks article.

Various examples of suitable weapons

  1. AR (Assault Rifle) like – Groza, M4A1, SCAR-Lite etc.
  2. SMG (Submachine Gun) like – Thompson, Vector, UMP etc.
  3. Sniper Rifle like – AWM, M24, CAR98K etc.
  4. Shotgun like – M1014, M1887 etc.
  5. Pistol like – Desert Eagle, Revolver etc.

Final Words

Choosing the right weapon is extremely important to succeed in Free Fire Max. Each weapon has its own characteristics that must be considered. For example, if you are fighting at a long distance, you should opt for a sniper rifle or a DMG. On the other hand, if you are fighting in a house or a small area, a shotgun or SMG would be a better choice.

Also, you should pay attention to characteristics such as damage, RPM, magazine capacity, and control of the weapon. The higher the damage and RPM, the better. However, the recoil should be low so that you can easily control the weapon.

Finally, you should choose weapons based on your gameplay style and playing devices like Mobile, Tablet, or PC. Some people like fast fights, so they will choose weapons with high RPM. Others like to fight cautiously and slowly, so they will choose weapons with high damage. Your success will depend on the type of weapon you are using and how well they match your style.

Therefore, always choose weapons keeping in mind your playing style and fighting situation and stay ahead in the battle game. Choosing the right weapon will help you win and reach the top in Free Fire Max.