Steel rising cheat engine – Download .CT File to Use Cheat Table


Would like to know about Steel rising cheat engine? Here’s how to download the cheat table and how to use it without any effort!!

Well the Steel rising cheat table has been shared by SunBeam’s team who worked with Cfemen and Akira. They did a lot of testing on this and finally provided a working cheat table for Steel rising

What is Steel rising Cheat Engine?

“Steel Rising” is a video game, and “Cheat Engine” is a program that can be used to modify the code of a game or application while it is running in order to gain an edge or obtain access to hidden features.

The usage of Cheat Engine with Steel Rising or any other game is regarded as unethical and may be in violation of the game’s terms of service. It is essential to play games and utilize programs in a fair and honest manner, as opposed to cheating to get an unfair advantage.

Steel rising cheat engine – Download .CT file to use Table



  • Copy and paste it in browser –
  • Download will begin, just save the file.

How to use

1) Start the game and keep it running until you reach the main menu or the game’s actual world (load a map).

2) Launch CE 7.4 and open the table in question, then run the “Initialize” script. When CE informs you that it wants to start the gaming process, click the Yes button. If the game version hasn’t been updated, all you need to do is wait a few seconds, and the sub-scripts area will come up for you. A warning message will appear before you play the game if the version of the game is updated. That does not imply that the table will not function; rather, it merely indicates that the content may not function properly on the latest version. Only in the event that the [Initialize] script does not activate (except for those individuals who have never used CE…) will there be a problem that warrants being reported.

3) Please see below an explanation of how the scripts should be used.

#a.) No Stagger God Mode

You gain unlimited health and the ability to ignore the HUD’s notifications of injury. Just for the player.

This option includes the following supplementary features:

  • God Status
    You can control here if you want God Mode enabled or not. This is to be used in conjunction with the below. Why? Cuz there might be people who don’t want God mode, but just to change the damage multipliers. The default state when you enable No Stagger God Mode script is Enabled (1).
  • Control Applied Damage by Multipliers
    By default, the damage multipliers are set to 1 so when the No Stagger God Mode script is enabled, you deal the normal damage. If you feel like changing it, then edit the 1 value(s) for the respective damage(s) (e.g.: 1.1, 1.2, 1.5, 2, etc.). That will make sure that your dealt attacks have increased damage by the Multiplier(s) you changed.

When the No Stagger God Mode script is used, fall damage is ignored, and the only option to change this behavior is to update the script (comment lines 78–80):


xorps xmm1,xmm1
xorps xmm2,xmm2


Be careful not to slip and fall into water from which you cannot escape. For instance, in the level “La Cite,” you may simply travel to the bottom of the Seine River, where you can then climb out of the water and onto the opposite bank, so avoiding the need to use any parkour or grapple mechanics to cross.

On the other hand, if you go into the river right at the beginning of the “Les Invalides” level, you will find that you are unable to get back up on the ground after you have submerged. Because the walls are either steep or slippery, you will be unable to climb out of the water. It’s possible that turning off this script and going back in after going to the main menu will fix the problem, but I can’t say for sure. but… like I said, will modify the table to include a new option that allows you to kill your Hero in order to respawn in a secure location.

#b.) Engine Goodies

This script has one large hook that performs several different functions. To begin, I chose a location in GameSteelrising.dll where updates are applied and the execution flow leaves that file and enters Engine.dll. Because I do not need to worry about preserving or restoring registers at this location, you can be sure that it is rock solid.

Expect nothing of the sort from any of the future scripts because they only read and write and are not hooks. whether any of the scripts listed below have their enable flag set. That indicates that the effect will persist indefinitely. I’ll say it again: those are not hooks. This means that in the event that you die, for instance, you will be required to re-enable all of the scripts that are listed below that are now running. Just one example. Rule of thumb: If something that the script(s) are supposed to do stops working, you need to re-enable that script (s).

  • Toggle God Mode State
    Will enable the Engine’s default notion of God mode, which is allowing you to continue playing if your health reaches 0. You can toggle this on/off by enabling/disabling this script.
  • Infinite Stamina|Alchemical Capsules
    Will ignore changes done to your Stamina or Alchemical Capsules in several situations:
  • no jump consumption
  • no right-click consumption when dashing
  • no consumption when attacking
  • no consumption of capsules when firing weapons or using the special action (Q)

The only scenarios that aren’t covered (will update later) are those of sprinting and blocking. So your Stamina will decrease when you Shift (toggle or not) or when you hold Q to block hits. You can toggle this on/off by enabling/disabling this script.

  • Add Inventory Items|Consumables By Name
    Will allow you to get ANYTHING item-wise in this game cfemen worked his ass off to build this list, so be sure to thank the dude for his amazing work!

Item’s list

The moment you open up this page, you will be presented with a list of sections that include item strings along with their explanations. You are only supposed to copy and paste what is to the LEFT of the | symbol; you should not copy and paste the entire line of text. The description of the item may be found to the right of the | symbol. I am aware of the reason why I am writing this, in the event that you mutter something along the lines of “pfft, look at him, treating us as if we’re stupid.” No, I’m not treating you in any way; I’m just explaining clearly so we don’t see “doesn’t work for me” posts, and when I ask, some people might respond, “well, I copied the full line and pasted it, and it still doesn’t work.” No, I’m not treating you in any way; I’m just explaining clearly.


Use it like this:
– open the list that is located above
– If you select the checkbox that is located in front of the script, an input form will show up:

– Select an item from cfemen’s list (included in the pastebin), copy it, and then paste it into the input area located above.
– Please make sure to read the examples that are provided there, and refrain from posting questions like “how do I obtain this and that?” in this thread.

You have the option of selecting a single string from the list up top; if you do so, you will receive ONE SINGLE ITEM of the type of string that you specified. Alternately, you can specify a word, followed by a symbol “|,” followed by a NUMBER (for amount), in order to obtain the desired quantity (1 .. n).

Examples (again):

OR item potion life 01 | 1
Will provide you 1 x Oil Burette. 1. One. Single. Item.

item potion life 01|10
Will provide you 10 x Oil Burette. Therefore, more than one.



1) The script WILL NOT ACTIVATE, and it might appear that there was an error (if you right-click it, it will show the error). It was purposefully developed in this manner so that you would not be required to deactivate the feature and then reactivate it in order to utilise it again. Please be sure to read everything, and refrain from spamming the forum with messages like “my script doesn’t enable.” Many thanks

2) You are able to execute this while you are currently on the Upgrade page (at Vestal or Carriage). Simply execute the script, paste what you want to say, and make sure to flip back and forth between the pages. If you were upgrading your weapons, for instance, you would first need to navigate to the Module Slots page before returning to the Weapons page. The important thing is that you need to reload the page so that you can see the updated quantities of inventory.

3) There is no indication inside the game that something has been added to or given to you. Then all you need to do is open the inventory and check the quantities for yourself.

4) Please be mindful that the list may contain a few errors or a “|” character that is missing.

NOTE: If your character dies, you will need to re-run some of these scripts (for example, the Infinite Stamina|Alchemical Capsules script will need to be re-run so that it can put back the BOOLs for anti-consumption on the re-initialized pgmGCoCharacterState).

Will add more content as we make progress, including a) a way to kill yourself if you get stuck, in which case you will be teleported and respawned at the nearest Vestal; b) the ability to teleport to XYZ coordinates or markers (or just save spot, teleport between current position and saved one by using MouseX1/MouseX2 clicks); and some other features.

Moreover, you can check this amazing video below for more details how you can use the cheat table in steel rising…

So that’s what we got regarding the Steel rising cheat engine. You can download the table, open it and edit to as we have explained above. Still if you would like to know? then comment below and don’t forget to share.