Sims 4 vampire cheats – [Latest List]


Sims 4 vampire cheats are quite popular to unlock the power of a vampire. These short codes make the game journey more interesting and increase your chances of winning.

There are a number of ways of using cheats to get the ability of vampires and change or remove the vampire. Cheats of vampires are far desperate from others. You can have the capability of changing your sim into the trait of vampire, or you can also remove the quality of vampire by altering it or bringing them back to normal.

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Sims 4 vampire cheats

List of Sims 4 vampire cheats – Must Check

Control+shift+C and typing testing cheat on should be used to make sure all of the work. Opening the console is needed for typing the command below. The enter option should be pressed when you are done, and press the escape option for closing the box. Instead of using ctrl, you can also use command.

Making of sim into a vampire with cheats

One of the best ways of letting the game hold on to the transitions while some of the traits can be typed. Type Equip_trait trait_occult vampire for turning the sim. By doing this, you can have power when the sim changes into a vampire.

  • set_BecomingVampire 1_stat commodity: It will take 36 hours from changing sim into a vampire + 1 uncomfortable Moodlet.
  • set_BecomingVampire 721_stat commodity: it will take 24 hours from changing into a vampire + 2 uncomfortable Moodlet.
  • set_BecomingVampire1441_stat_commodity: It will take 12 hours for sim to change+3 Uncomfortable Moodlet.
  • set_BecomingVampire 2100_stat commodity: it will 1 hour to change the sim.
  • set_BecomingVampire 2160_stat commodity: It will take sim to change into a vampire as soon as used.

Making of Vampire into a typical trait

One of the easier ways of removing the trait of the vampire from sim is Trait. Rewmove_occultVampire_Trait

Using this, a sim can revert to its typical trait by losing all its weaknesses and the vampire’s power.

Increasing or maximizing the level of Vampire

Five types of ranks are there in the sim of 4. It starts from a fledgling experience and will slowly rank up to Minor, Master, Grand Master, and Prime. Doing the actions of vampires can leads to understanding and can help you in buying new powers through power points. Here some of the ways of giving up Sims and ranking up quickly are:

  • Set_Vampire XP 202_Occult_Stat Ranked Statistic: Becoming a vampire of Minor
  • Set_Vampire XP 630_Occult_Stat Ranked Statistic: Becoming a vampire of Prime
  • Set_Vampire XP 1058_Occult_Stat Ranked Statistic: Becoming a vampire of Grand Master.
  • set_vampire XP 1486_Occult_Ranked Statistic: Point of Vampire power

Whenever you use cheats, it will go up multiple times as the vampire’s power increases up to 17 X to Vampire of Grand Master.

Cheating of Vampire capabilities and its weaknesses

By using a cheat, advantages can be reset on vampires, so for that, it is essential to learn the usage. Get_Sim_ID_By_Name

Cheats of resetting the power of vampires

By typing Bucks.Locks_All_Perks_Of _Bucks_Type 40961 (sim ID) true will help reset all the points of power but not its weaknesses.

Cheats of removing vampire weaknesses

Typing Bucks.Lock_All_Perks_For_Bucks_Type 40962(sim ID) false initiates help in resetting all the weaknesses. By using this cheat and leaving the screen, anyone can be a vampire with no weaknesses. As by spending points, it can enable you to pick up weaknesses.