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RDR2 Emerald – Where to Find Green Gem and How to Use It?


The RDR2 emerald is considered an extraordinary item rewarded post completing the ‘He’s British, of course.’ This stranger mission is now available right at starting chapter 3 of the video game that is primarily developed for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and is formulated by Rockstar Studios.

The red dead 2 emerald is the item that was responsible for starting multiple debates as well regarding the exact value it and the usage of it in video games.

Some players claimed that rdr2 Emerald was fake; on the other hand, others suggested that the rdr2 emerald ranch was a mission-related value.

If you are also trying to solve the mystery about where you can find thered dead redemption 2 emeraldwe will solve it for you. So let’s dive in and see where you can get it and how to use it.

RDR2 Emerald Green Gem

The Significance of the RDR2 Emerald

The RDR2 Emerald is one of the rarest and most valuable items in Red Dead Redemption 2. The stone has a unique green color and is highly sought after by collectors and players alike.

The Emerald is used to purchase special items and upgrades in the game, such as horses, weapons, and other gear. It is also used to complete missions and tasks that require a high level of expertise and skill.

Where can we find the RDR2 emerald?

As stated above, you could get the rdr2 emerald ranch or Emerald from Margaret when you have completed all the four parts of the ‘He’s British, of course’ mission. This mission is considered to be exceeding hilarious and also does reveal the facts that Margaret, is the NPC that is responsible for running the entire circus, is, in reality, a crook.

Even Margaret is not real, rather fake since he often poses like a woman. If you are observant and end up following the questline, you will quickly find out that all the lost animal Margaret are fake! The NPC uses a dummy painted mule to fool around people that it is a Zebra.

However, it is essential to complete the mission. He’s British, of course’, as this gives the player permission and accessibility to kill the lion (That is a real one), from which the players can end up retrieving the lion paw.

This is the item required for Lion’s Paw Trinket that can be crafted at the fence. Along with the lion paw, the player will also be awarded from Margaret. This reward is something you have been waiting for, ‘The Green Emarald.’

In addition to that, the green gem can be found in a few different locations throughout the game. Here are some of the most common places to find the green gem in RDR2 Emerald:

  • Inside locked chests
  • In treasure maps
  • As a reward for completing certain missions
  • By trading with vendors
  • As a random loot drop from enemies

How to make use of the RDR2 green Emerald?

Many assume that the Emerald is primarily related to a mission, but we believe it is safe to sell the green Emerald because its value is the one offered at the fence.

There are evidences, or we can say assumptions, which claim that the Emerald is fake, and Arthur, who is not a specialist in Gemology, took no time in identifying it.

An article also stated that Louis T. Abresson had disappeared in Guarma while looking for the largest Emerald ever discovered. However, with this instance, there is an obvious question that pops up, and that is, if one can find Louis T. Abresson and give him the Emarald, then they receive the Margaret. However, there seems to be no relation between this item and Louis T. Abresson.

Once you’ve found the green gem in RDR2 Emerald, you’ll need to know how to use it. Here are some of the most common uses for the green gem:

  • Trading with vendors
  • Upgrading your weapons and equipment
  • Completing certain missions
  • As a valuable collectible item

Finally guys, I would say the green gem in RDR2 Emerald is a valuable and sought-after item that can be found in a number of different locations throughout the game.

Whether you’re looking to trade with vendors, upgrade your weapons and equipment, or simply collect valuable items, the green gem is sure to be a valuable asset in your journey through the Wild West.

So, get out there and start searching for the green gem in RDR2 Emerald today and don’t forget to share the tips and trick with others on social media sites. You one help us and motivate us for new updates.


Q: What is the value of the green gem in RDR2 Emerald?

A: The value of the green gem can vary depending on the location and situation in which it is found. However, it is generally considered to be a valuable item and is often sought after by players.

Q: How many green gems can I find in RDR2 Emerald?

A: The number of green gems that can be found is not set in stone and can vary from player to player. However, there are enough green gems in the game for players to find multiple of them.

Q: Is the green gem necessary for completing the game?

A: No, the green gem is not necessary for completing the game, but it can make the experience more enjoyable by providing valuable items and upgrades. You can use it for trading, to upgrade weapons etc!!

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