Indian Bike Driving 3D Cheat Codes: Full List of Top Codes


Bike games are becoming increasingly popular around the world, especially in India and one among them is the Indian Bike Driving 3D. It is one of best bike driving games that has gained immense popularity among gamers in India having more than 4 star rating and 10 crorer+ download.

It is a cutting-edge bike game that features exciting gameplay, excellent graphics, and a variety of challenges just like the grand theft auto (GTA). However, many gamers use cheat codes to make the game even more exciting.

So if you want to know about latest Indian Bike Driving 3D cheat codes that will take your gaming experience to next level, then keep reading as we will list all cheat codes so you can enjoy the game more these codes!

What are cheat codes?

Cheat codes are some special commands hidden in the game that provide some special benefits to the gamers. These codes are designed by the developers of the game and can be used to improve the gaming experience.

If you are playing Indian Bike Driving 3D on mobile or PC, then you can use the related cheat codes, and play the game like pro and complete some tough level of game in few seconds.

Cheat Codes for Indian Bike Driving 3D

Here are some major cheat codes for “Indian Bike Driving 3D”:

Active Codes Rewards
3005 (NEW) GTR
8370 (NEW) Rickshaw
3001 Boat
9191 Thar
50 Velociraptor
51 T-rex
52 Spino
53 Brachiosaurus
9 Night Mode
54321 More Traffic Car
330 Jet Pack Mini
6677 JCB
333 Bolero
8880 Hummer
4050 Apache
2222 ATV
500 Audi
200 Bag
666 Banneli tnt
4444 Bugatti Chiron
800 Bugatti v2
1111 Cycle
5050 Dino
600 Dog
777 Ducati Diavel
8888 Duke 1290
7777 Duke 200
4215 Duke
2020 Endeavour
8811 Ferrari
606 Fire Truck
1000 Fortuner
00 Fuel Tank
0 Gas Tank
5555 Ghost Raider Bike
7000 Hayabhusa
8000 Helicopter
0000 Hero Pleasure
200 Horse
9129 Infinity Health
3000 Kawasaki Ninja H2r
900 Koeigness
1210 KTM
3333 Lamborghini
700 Lamborghini v2
1001 Legendar
0 + Car cheat codes Monster Truck
7112 Moon gravity
12345 MoreNpc
54321 MoreTraffic Car
8123 Mustang
1190 New KTM
9 Night Mode
555 Plane
4000 Porsche
1211 Pulsar
5000 Pulsar Rs200
6666 Range Rover
2000 Rolls Royce
9999 Royal Enfield Bullet
333 Scorpio classic
444 Scorpio s11
1120 Skyfall
1112 Slow motion
9000 Splendor
1215 Super jump
6021 Super Splendor
2244 Supra
4040 Tank
300 Tarzen
002 Tatto Skin
9090 Thar
6000 Tron Bike
1212 Truck
01212 Truck with trailer
1216 Ultra Super jump
888 Yamaha FZ10
0015 Yamaha R15
999 Yamaha vmax
2030 Zombie
400 Zx10r bike

The use of these cheat codes are unlimited and by using them you can get Unlimited Money, Unlimited Gold. You can unlock all levels, bypass a level, unlock new vehicle of your choice, and avoid any crashes.

Furthermore if you ever feel that you stuck somewhere in the game or the level is bit tough, then you can also reset the game at any level or you can reset the level and start playing from starting and maintain a good score!


Indian Bike Driving 3D  is a great bike game that has attracted a lot of gamers. The game comes with stunning graphics, exciting missions, and captivating gameplay. Despite all these qualities, the game is also very difficult and challenging. In such a situation, cheat codes help gamers and improve the gaming experience.

As we saw, cheat codes offer a variety of benefits like unlimited money, unlimited gold, invincible mode, and more. But it is important that these codes are used just for fun experience and not to harm the game. The game developers have put a lot of hard work into creating the game and we should respect their efforts.

So, whenever you play Indian Bike Driving 3D, use cheat codes only for fun and do not harm the game in any way. Remember, cheat codes are just a helper, the real fun lies in your gaming skills. Trust your skills and challenge yourself. This is the real joy of gaming. So, let’s use the cheat codes correctly and enjoy Indian Bike Driving 3D!