Ultimate Cheat Codes for Grand Theft Auto 6 for Xbox, PS4, PS5 and PC


The Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series is one of the most iconic and popular game franchises from Rockstar Games. GTA VI, the latest chapter in the series, is known for its open-world gameplay, detailed maps, and exciting missions.

The official released date of GTA 6 is still somewhere in 2025, but some secret sources have leaked its cheat codes list that can be used while playing games on popular game consoles like Xbox, PS4, PS5 and PC.

Using game cheat codes is a bad habit for almost every gamer, but some gamers like it because it gives them some extra benefits and more fun and interesting experience. It is a good idea to provide the ultimate cheat codes for GTA VI for the fans of Grand Theft Auto series.

Grand Theft Auto VI: Introduction

GT6 has taken the gaming community by storm with its stunning graphics, new story, and expansive open-world. In this game, players have to face new locations, vehicles and missions. Cheat codes make all this even more exciting. They allow players to explore the game beyond the rules of the game and have fun in new ways.

Importance of cheat codes

Using cheat codes takes the game experience to a new level. These codes make the gameplay easier, help to overcome difficulties and sometimes are even used just for fun. Whether you are a new player or an experienced player, knowledge of cheat codes is beneficial for everyone.

Some major cheat codes of GTA 6 that can be used while playing :

1. Immortality (Invincibility)


The Immortality Code makes your character immortal for a certain period of time, making him safe from any type of attack. This code is very useful when you are stuck in difficult missions or facing big enemies.

2. Weapons and Ammo

Cheat Code: TOOLUP

This code fills your inventory with all available weapons and unlimited bullets. This code proves to be extremely helpful in dealing with difficult missions and enemies.

3. Max Health and Armor

Cheat Code: TURTLE

By using this code you can completely refill your character’s health and armor. This code is especially useful when you are constantly facing attacks from enemies.

4. Lower Wanted Level

Cheat Code: LAWYERUP

If the wanted level of your character has increased and the police is constantly chasing you, then by using this code you can reduce your wanted level.

5. Super Jump

Cheat Code: HOPTOIT

By using the Super Jump code you can give your character the ability to jump very high. This code helps to move faster in the game and avoid enemies.

6. Fast Run

Cheat Code: CATCHME

This code increases your character’s running speed, allowing him to move much faster. This code is helpful in completing missions faster and navigating in large maps.

7. Reducing gravity (Low Gravity)

Cheat Code: FLOATER

By using this code you can reduce gravity in the game. This means that your character and other objects will slowly drop, providing a different kind of gameplay experience.

8. Spawn All Vehicles

Cheat Code: VINEWOOD

By using this code you can instantly spawn all the available vehicles in the game. This code is extremely fun for players who want to experience different types of vehicles in the game.

9. Never Wanted


By using this code you will never let your character be wanted by the police. This code is very helpful for those players who want to enjoy the game without any interruption.

10. Slow Motion

Cheat Code: SLOWMO

By using the Slow Motion code you can slow down the gameplay, which will enable you to avoid enemies’ attacks and make your attacks even more accurate.

Correct use of cheat codes

Before using cheat codes, it is important to know that these codes are just for fun and entertainment. By using these you can lose the real challenging experience of the game. Therefore, they should be used in limited quantities and at the right time.

Final Words

Using cheat codes in Grand Theft Auto VI can make the gameplay even more exciting and fun. These codes help you overcome difficulties, explore new features of the game, and enjoy the game without any hassles. However, always remember to use cheat codes in moderation to maintain the real fun of the game. Share these codes with your friends and enjoy this amazing game together.

Enjoy the gameplay with cheat codes in Grand Theft Auto VI and feel like a true gamer. Happy gaming!