Xcom 2 cheats code latest list for PC, PS4, Steam


The latest of Xcom 2 cheats code can make your surviving missions much easier. These codes can be applied anytime and valid on all devices like PC, Steam, PS4. So, if you have been looking for Xcom 2 war of the chosen cheats then follow the below given commands to complete your mission quickly.

Xcom 2 cheats

Latest List for Xcom 2 Cheats Code – [Must Check]

Whether you require console commands, Xcom 2 Wotc cheats for PS4 and P.C. consoles are essential. Using these codes, you can fulfill nearly any purpose and easily compete with others. So, to do this, simply open the console and type “enable cheats” into it (without quotation marks). After that, you’re ready to “try things out.”

Commands for Managing Resources

  • # CorpseAdventTrooper
  • # CorpseAdventMEC
  • # CorpseAdventOfficer
  • # Abilitypoint assigns a certain number of ability points to a resource.
  • # Intel returns a certain quantity of Intel.
  • # EleriumCore returns a specified number of delirium Cores.

Commands for Armour

  • # x amount of Spider suits LightPlatedArmor
  • # x quantity of Predator armor MediumPlatedArmor
  • # x number of E.X.O. suits HeavyPlatedArmor
  • # x number of Wraith suits lightpoweredarmor
  • # x number of MediumPoweredArmor

Commands for Items

  • # BattleScanners
  • # MindShields
  • #Min Shi
  • # HazmatVest
  • # StasisVest

Commands for Weapons – Increases the number by X

  • ReloadUpgrade # for Auto Loaders
  • AimUpgrade # for scopes available.
  • ClipSizeUpgrade # for Extended Mags.
  • CritUpgrade # for Laser Sights.
  • FreeKillUpgrade # for Repeaters for free.
  • FreeFireUpgrade # provides a certain number of hair triggers.
  • MissDamageUpgrade # gives X amount of Stocks to.

Engineer Commands and Soldier Class/Scientist Commands

Output Process for Soldiers

  • The MakeSoldierAClass “X” Specialist creates a named soldier of the specified class.

Commands for Scientists and Engineers

  • GiveEngineer # assigns a single engineer.

Commands that aren’t listed anywhere else

  • AI. turns are skipped via SkipAI
  • Toggle UnlimitedActions
  • Allows for an infinite number of actions. (Warning: A.I. can use this as well.)

So, these are some of the most useable Xcom 2 Cheats and valid for all devices!

If we have missed anything to add here then please let us know about the new cheat codes in the comment section below and don’t forgot to share it with others on social sites.