How to Fix Windows Update Stuck Problem


It has been seen that your Windows update stuck during the checking for updates. So, if you hitting with this issue and looking for a troubleshooting guide then have a look at the below given solutions.

So, guys if your windows 10 update stuck and don’t know what to do now, then you are on the right page as you can get everything here, which would help you move. Here we are going to share some prominent ways through which you can try to fix windows update stuck problem easily.

windows update stuck

Tips to Fix Windows Update Stuck Problem

Ideally, stuck windows aren’t the worst thing globally, and it isn’t avoidable entirely. If you are a windows person, then we are sure you must have encountered such a problem in the past, and no doubt it is frustrating to resolve this issue, but it is not impossible at all.

There is a chance of some unexpected issues cropping up with several hardware and software configurations available out there. It can be challenging to operate system updates, but there are some ways to fix the updates.

Ensure updates are stuck really

Firstly, one needs to know that checking for updates stuck plays a crucial role. One needs to show some patience and time as the updates are pretty slow.

Turn it off and on

If one’s update is really stuck, then their first’s choice should be turning it on and off. The method is everyone’s favorite for sure, and by doing it, windows ten update stuck on checking for updates is possible.

If the update is being downloaded in the background, the process is quite simple, and they can restart from the start menu. One needs to do a hard reset by holding down the power button on their device.

Checking for updates stuck

Windows will inform the users of any challenges detected when it comes to installing updates, and at times one would get a message while they install updates. At times one might get a message telling them to try the update after some time or might get something even more specific. All one needs to do is launch settings and select update and security.

Troubleshoot program for windows update stuck

Microsoft agrees that at times Windows 10 devices can run in several issues, and it is mainly created a troubleshooting program to make finding out what is causing the issue. All one needs to do is open the control panel and select troubleshooting.

Lastly, the need to click fix the problem with Windows update, and their device will attempt to fix all of the issues by itself.

Launch the safe mode

The safe way is vital where one’s device is loading only fundamental issues to run, and background programs are shut down. Under this model, there is a minimum chance of any bogus files, which leads to all the update issues.

Restore Windows 10 to the previous mode

One can consider windows ten update stuck on checking for updates as it is one of the best ways to fix an update stuck. One needs to launch the control panel through the start menu and select the option or just look for system restore at the top right of the screen.

Lastly, they need to press on the opportunity to create a restore point from where one can pick a time and date to revert back to how Windows had configured at a time, and this should fix their update without a doubt.

Final Words…

Above all, one should also scan for viruses with some security software already installed on the device and look for any malware which is causing issues. 90% of the times, if you use the above solutions to fix windows update stuck problem, then it will surely get sorted, as it is generally due to either of these reasons which leads to windows getting stuck.