Unable to access jarfile Minecraft server – Quick Fix!


There are various reasons why you can face errors on accessing this jar file Mine craft server. Maximum time this unable to access jarfile Minecraft server message arises from the outdated java version, malware, wrong configuration, hidden files & folders, among others.

The jar file as a name implicit is the java-based file format which is also an application, and a word JAR is an acronym utilized for java-archive.  Do you want to know more about being unable to access jarfile server.jar?

We have already discussed various reasons why this error in accessing Minecraft jarfile could persist or occur. This can be for the outdated java version and wrong file path for the malware, jarfile and so on.

It is annoying if you are unable to access jarfile Minecraft at the time of playing this Minecraft game on the system. Here we are providing some of the best and working solutions to these problems. Have a look the fixing guide below.

unable to access jarfile Minecraft server

How to fix the issue of jarfile Minecraft server error

Are you feeling stressed when you become unable to access the jarfile Minecraft server? Then here in this blog, you can get the natural solution for this problem. A significant key to fix the causes of an error follows:

  • Update or install the latest java version
  • Proper java file way configuration
  • Show the hidden folders & files
  • Detect the Malware

Update or install the latest java version

While you are utilizing the outdated java version, the errors are also likely to happen as programs cannot run these jar files easily with the outdated java version. This is also a primary reason why this is essential and valuable for you to install or update this latest version on the system.

Here we are giving the possible methods by which you can easily install this Java version on the system:

Step 1: You have to press the window & R buttons on the keyboard concurrently. It will easily open the run dialogue menu

Step 2: Type appwiz.cpl into a dialogue box and also have to press the enter button. After this, you can see that features and programs will also be opened, then immediately scroll from this menu to the entry of the java and click right on it and choose the uninstall option.

Step 3: After clicking on uninstall option, you have to go to the official website of java to download and install the new and trendy version. After that, you have to restart your PC and run the Minecraft game to check if an error message persists.

Proper Java file way configuration

To select the proper java file way, try to read the relevant document as this will enable you to check & know if you have been utilizing the incorrect t or wrong file path for a jarfiles.

Show the hidden folders and files

Step 1: To make these hidden files more visible, you have to open the file explorer on your system, and then you have to click on the view button and on the options button to show the window directory, where you can choose the view tab to show hidden folders and files.

Step 2: You have to click on the apply button to change the settings; then, click on OK to close that window.

Malware Detection

Checking for the malware or the viruses on your PC is essential as the existence of the malware can lead to you achieving an error message when you are trying to play the game. This anti-virus application on your system would also help you detect the malware & clear them out.


So the solution to this unable to access jarfile Minecraft server depends on that causes, which have been discussed in this blog for your guide and easy access.

Do you still unable to access jarfile server.jar? Please comment below and don’t forget to share it with other!