Top 3 Ways to Find Long-Tail Keywords for eCommerce Sites


eCommerce company owners understand the necessity to keep digging for new ways to attract customers in today’s competitive market. Those who understand SEO know how challenging it is to select long-tail keywords for eCommerce sites. But, is it at all worth targeting these keywords for online stores? Well, the most common answer to this would be an unequivocal ‘yes.’ Not that this is what the search volume suggests, but most SEO experts and Atlanta SEO companies are in its favor.

Atlanta, the capital city of Georgia, famous for its participation in the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement, has a new identity today. Home to the big brand Coca-Cola, the city’s present valuation over the last decade has grown to $1 billion. Among the big names, Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, and Visa are some of the tech companies that have offices in the city.

Now, coming back to the topic of this article, it is worth mentioning that higher volume keywords sometimes have an upper edge over other keywords. But, the problem most eCommerce companies face is that they run out of these long-tail keywords.

In this article, read about top three e commerce keywords research  solutions so you can get a large number of customers quickly from various locations!!

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This is How to Find Long-Tail Keywords for eCommerce Sites

Leveraging Keyword-Research Tools

Searching for keywords becomes easier for companies when they use different tools in the market for keyword research. As a starting point, these tools help eCommerce companies have an extended list of all types of keywords, viz. long-tail, generic and SEO-rich ones.

The results obtained from these keyword-finding tools may help companies better understand what customers are interested in. That might help in tailoring web pages in a way that accommodates that information.

Regardless, one still needs to remember that not all keywords are relevant and generic. Therefore, they need to be chosen carefully to have maximum ROI (return on investment).

Using Google’s Auto-suggest Feature

Google’s Auto-suggest feature can help eCommerce companies discover long-tail keywords. Although one cannot get to know about the statistics of these keywords, mostly, these are of great help.

All you need to do is start typing a generic keyword in Google’s search box. As you keep typing the words, you can see some specific phrases suggested by Google. These are the keywords with the most user searches from the search engine. These keywords suggest that people are already looking for these on a regular basis. Using them on your eCommerce website might prove to be helpful.

Partnering with an Atlanta SEO Company

Connecting with an SEO company and hiring their professional SEO experts is by far the best option to opt for. Most trusted SEO companies in Atlanta provide custom SEO plans to their clients in the eCommerce industry.

Their keyword-research solutions will provide companies with proven long-tail keywords that garner better rank in SERPs, drive better leads, and earn more revenues. Working with them, your company will have the best-resonating keywords for the target audience. As a result, your company will evidence an increase in overall customer base.

Final Words…

Atlanta, being a nest of more than 300 startup tech companies, has plenty of SEO service providers. Atlanta SEO firms ensure that the city lives up to the richness of its budding tech companies in the whole of the US. They provide some of the best SEO solutions to their clients in the hub.