The Graph to Tether USD: The Easiest Way of Exchange in 2022


The history of cryptocurrency started in 2009 with the launch of Bitcoin. Since then, the interest in this money has been continually increasing. The number of cryptocurrencies has increased as well. Nowadays, their number exceeds 280 examples worldwide. People like to track the tendency of coins. They always want to buy the most potent currency because they are more profitable. For example, if you have Graph (GRT), you may want to exchange it to Tether USD (USDT) because the second one is more powerful. GRT to USDT exchange is a straightforward procedure, which is available for everyone online. You just have to choose the best online platform where exchange occurs without pitfalls. Below, we will find out which platform is the most trustworthy.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

The Best Platform For Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cryptocurrency is interesting because it does not belong to a specific person or regulator. Also, there is no single center of issuance and supervision. Everything that happens inside the system is the users’ actions and the direct owners of digital money. Thus, the number of platforms is significant because everybody decides what is suitable for them. For the GRT to USDT exchange, you may choose dozens of exchange platforms online. For us, Letsexchange – cryptocurrency exchange online with the most transparent approach to the issue. Just visit it, and you will see how everything is easy. 

What Is the Potency of GRT and USDT?

Nowadays, the price for one GRT is about $0.61. The USDT, in its turn, is equal to one US dollar. The cost per one USDT is almost twice higher. Hence, its potency is more potent as well. However, such a situation was not always such. In February 2021, the Graph managed to hit its highest price of $ 2.84 per coin. Thus, its price has decreased about five times for almost a year. This tendency shows that it is reasonable to exchange its currency for another, which has not demonstrated such fails.  

Statistical data about GRT and USDT

The greater attention to the USDT currency is seen according to its volume per day. Speaking about Graph, the volume is counted in millions. Speaking about USD Tether, the volume is estimated in billions. The exact numbers are the following:

  • GRT Volume per 24 hours – $156,997,082.00.
  • USDT Volume per 24 hours – $79,157,438,292.00.

The maximum supply of USDT is also eight times higher: 10 billion of GRT against 82 billion of USDT.

How to Exchange GRT to USDT?

If you use the mentioned above LetsExchange platform, you may follow the next rules. They apply to any cryptocurrency exchange:

  • Open the exchange window. It is on the right side of the page.
  • In the first line, choose the crypto you would like to exchange (GRT in our case).
  • In the second line, select the crypto you would like to buy (USDT in our case).
  • Indicate the wallet where you will receive the transaction.
  • Send the money necessary for exchange.
  • The system of the website will care about the best exchange rate. In the end, you will receive the rest. 

Which Tips And Information About Exchange Will Be Helpful?

  1. You do not need to register to provide GRT to USDT exchange. This makes the process of transaction easy and extremely fast.
  2. Always use the calculator, which is available on the website. Thus, you will know how many USDT you will receive after the exchange.
  3. Remember that the minimum number of GRT to start the exchange is 19 coins.
  4. There are no limits for coins, which can be exchanged. You may deposit any number of GRT starting from 19 coins and above.  
  5. You can always choose between the fixed and floating rate for the exchange. The price will not change with the fixed rate during the next 30 minutes.