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We are going to share SQL injection cheat sheet list which you can check to create a more secure login system or web application and save the data breach issues.

Well, being a developer anybody can login in your system if you haven’t written a secure code. So if you would like to know what are the ways then below given SQL injection cheat sheet list will help you a lot and you can develop a secure system for small, medium and large enterprises.

SQL injection cheat sheet

What do you mean by SQL injection?

SQL injection is a code injection technique that enables attackers to insert malicious SQL code into web applications for execution. This can be used to bypass security controls and access sensitive data, or to modify data in the database.

There are many ways to perform SQL injection, but the most common is to enter malicious code into web form fields that are then executed by the back-end database. Other popular methods include using URL parameters or cookies that contain SQL code, or exploiting vulnerabilities in server-side scripts that allow arbitrary SQL code to be executed.

What is SQL injection 1=1 thing?

Being a professional developer you may aware about this but if you are a learner then this 1=1 will always be true and all respective records will be displayed.

In short if you know a user name then just by entering his name in the login system (no password) you can easily get the access of dashboard and this technique is popular as sql injection username and password.

  • The SQL query will be like: SELECT * FROM Users WHERE UserId = 105 OR 1=1;

The SQL above is valid and will return ALL rows from the “Users” table, since OR 1=1 is always TRUE.

You can even look for the password if the users table contains the password field. You can learn more about the SQL injection and other working techniques here.

SQL injection cheat sheet – Prevent The Application Like a Pro

To protect against SQL injection attacks, developers need to understand how these attacks work and then design and implement their applications with security in mind.

Input validation is the most effective defense against SQL injection, but other measures such as proper coding practices, restricted database access, and proper server-side configuration can also help to mitigate the risk.

Here are some tips for preventing SQL injection attacks:

  1. Use input validation to check for malicious input before processing it.
  2. Use parameterized queries instead of string concatenation to execute queries.
  3. Restrict database access to authorized users only.
  4. Harden your server-side applications by disabling unused features and modules, and tightening up permissions.
  5. Keep your database software up to date with the latest security patches.

Following these tips will help to protect your web applications from SQL injection attacks. However, no defense is perfect and attackers are constantly finding new ways to exploit vulnerabilities. Therefore, it is important to always monitor your systems for signs of intrusion and be prepared to respond quickly if an attack is detected.

Well guys if you would like to expand the knowledge then this github SQL injection payloads list will help you a lot. You can check latest SQL injection techniques here and make your system more secure.

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