Safelink Phones Replacements – How to Get It?


If you’ve damaged or lost your Safelink phone, you might be wondering what the company’s policy is when it comes to Safelink phones replacements. We have thus made a comprehensive guide to ease your stress and help you with the replacement process.

Safelink phones replacements

Safelink Phones Replacements Eligibility and Other Terms

Am I eligible for a Safelink replacement phone?

Safelink’s replacement phone policy allows people to get a replacement for their phone when it has been lost or stolen. For phones that have been damaged due to carelessness on your part, e.g. dropping it in a pool of water, you are not eligible to receive a replacement phone free of cost.

In cases where you have gotten a defective piece from the company, you can get it fixed or receive a new phone at no additional cost during the warranty period.

It is important to note that the policy allows for only 1 replacement phone per person and if the replaced phone also gets damaged, lost or stolen, you are not eligible for another one. Moreover, the replaced phone will not be a new phone, but rather a refurbished piece.

How do I get a replacement Safelink phone?

Under Safelink’s replacement policy, these are the steps you need to take to have your phone replaced when it has been lost or stolen.

  • Initiate the replacement process by contacting the customer service and informing them about your situation. You might have to provide account identifying details to the customer service representative. This would include your Safelink phone number, last four digits of your social security number, birth date, home address, etc.
  • Inform them if you want to retain your current phone number of not.
  • If your replacement request has been accepted, your replacement phone will be mailed to you within 10 business days. In most case, the phone will be ready to use and fully activated upon arrival. If that isn’t the case for you, you can always call the customer service and have it correctly activated.

You should also keep in mind that the lost phone will be deactivated permanently and irrespective of the minutes available in your previous phone, the free replaced phone will only have 10 airtime minutes activated with it. Moreover, unless your replaced phone is lost or stolen before you receive it, you are not eligible for another replacement.

Alternatively, you can also request for a new phone through Safelink’s parent company, Tracfone. The steps for that are as follows:

  • Visit and enter the zip code of your area. A list of phones compatible with Safelink will be displayed
  • Along with your name and personal details, provide details of your missing phone, such as the phone number and serial number.
  • Choose whether you would like to keep your phone number or get a new one.
  • Buy your new phone from stores such as Walmart or any drug store.
  • Upon receiving the new phone, call customer support and activate it.

It is important to understand that Safelink has the right to refuse a free replacement phone under its policy. If it does so, it still gives you the chance to buy a low cost and affordable replacement phone.

If you still do not wish to pay for a phone, your only alternative is to claim the insurance on your old phone (if you had insured it) or obtain a telephone from somewhere else and use it with the Safelink BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone) option.