MSN Outlook Office Skype Bing Breaking News and Latest Videos


MSN outlook office skype bing breaking news and latest videos are some of the popular products from Microsoft corporation. These applications are widely accepted and in-use among Windows, Apple and Mobile users!

Being a Windows user you already familiar with MS products like office, Skype, outlook. If you aren’t then here we will discuss some of the popular applications and let you why it is popular among the public.

Let’s dive in and get into the details…!

MSN outlook office skype bing breaking news and latest videos

MSN Outlook Office Skype Bing Breaking News and Latest Videos

Microsoft is a big IT company. Each and Every year the company releases a ton of products. Some works very well and here we are going to cover some of the widely accepted products that people use on daily bases.

From students to teacher, manager to employee – every person uses their products. In some areas like office they have a good monopoly where they fetch a good amount of profit! Let’s discuss some of their top trending products below.

#1. MSN

MSN is famous news type website which has been launched by Microsoft in August 24, 1995 to share latest trending news and latest videos. It covers the news of all countries and shows the trending stuff as per your interest.

At present the company has create separate web portal for each and every country. But if you don’t have any idea which portal works then you can simply open the and get the latest info for free.

#2. Outlook

Outlook is a famous application used to send and receive emails. You can use the outlook to send the emails for free. Being a .net developer or Windows user, Outlook is the primary email service which people prefer a lot. You can manage all emails on this and schedule as per your requirement.

Apart from email services you can manage the contacts, tasks, calendar. Using this feature, you can track the tasks and manage your daily or weekly activity like a professional.

#3. Office

Office is a big product, widely accepted and currently in use in many big, small, or medium organizations. Teachers and students use it, bank managers & employees use it. So if we say this is the product which every person use on daily bases.

  • Being a writer, content writer word would be your first choice.
  • Being a CA, mathematics experts, bank manager Excel would be your choice.
  • For Presentation to create ppt MS power point is an ultimate product.

At present the MS office package covers – word, excel, powerpoint, teams, outlook, onenote and onedrive. You can get it for personal or business purpose from MS official store.

#4. Skype

Skype is messenger cum chat application which people use for communication. You can send text to friends, make video calls and share the documents. This application is quite useful for developers, students, journalists etc.

You can make group call on this, send emojis, send document – images, zip as per your requirement. This application allows edit option too. If you accidentally send a text, then you can re-edit the line without any issue.

#5. Bing

Bing a search engine like Google. It is default search engine that comes with Internet explorer or MS Edge. You can use this search engine to search movies, pdfs, ppts, news, to get answers. This is quite popular among Windows user and many US users use it.

This offers a couple of relevant results. After google, Bing comes at 2nd position. At present it is in 40 languages and primary source of revenue from the advertisements – Quite GOOD!

So guys these are some of the popular and best products by Microsoft corporation.

If you have any questions, then please let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to share MSN outlook office skype Bing breaking news and latest videos with your friends on social media!