Mount and blade warband cheats for steam, PS4, and Xbox


Mount and Blade Warband cheats list is out with all the new updates and tweaks. To enable all of the mount and blade Warband cheats, the user will be required to select the correct configuration into the game launcher and then click on the ‘Enable Cheat Box.’ Here, we have curated a detailed list of mount and blade Warband cheats for Xbox.

 If you are a gamer and into Xbox, then this list of mount and blade Warband cheats for Xbox will help you out. Without wasting any further timeless direct dive into the plan.

Mount and Blade Warband cheats

 Mount and Blade Warband cheats

 Once the user goes on to the ‘Enable Cheats’ box from the configuration menu, they will have access to enter the cheats into the Mount and Blade Warband. By pressing Ctrl + ~ then typing i’ ‘cheat menu) can help in activating the Cheat Menu. This allows the user to access the multitude of cheats, including the addition of the items and improving the relations.

 List of Mount and Blade Warband Cheat codes along with the effects:

  • CTRL+F5 – Here, the AI takes over the character in multiple battles
  • CTRL+Shift+H – This helps in full-fleetly healing the horse.
  • CTRL+H – Used for complete healing
  • Ctrl + ~ (Post this type i’ ‘nocheatme’u'””) – It directly opens Deactivate Cheat Menu
  • CTRL+F3 – You can damage your self
  • CTRL+X – An experience given to any of the party members who is selected
  • Ctrl + space – Fast forward to wait at the map
  • CTRL+X – Gives the player 1000 XP in the remaining character screen
  • CTRL+W – Helps in increasing the proficiency of the weapon.
  • CTRL+X – It gives 1000 Gold from the inventory
  • Ctrl+Shift+F4 – Knocks of the enemies that are zoomed into it.
  • Ctrl+Alt+F4 – Knocks the unconscious, enemy troops
  •  Ctrl+Shift+F6 – Knocks all of the troops
  • CTRL+F4 – Knocks off the enemies that are unconscious after plenty of presses.
  • Ctrl + L – Sends a level up
  • CTRL+T – Helps you in seeing multiple things except for the hideouts over the world map.
  • CTRL+Left – Post clicking on the world map, teleports the party to wherever you click
  • Ctrl + F11 – Stops the time during the battle
  • CTRL + F9 – Slow motion, the player can press again for turning it on or off.
  • Ctrl + Left Click – Upgradation of all the units into the path

However, one should keep in mind that some of the cheats are just limited to the screens that you end up entering, for instance:

  • The gold cheats only work in any of the inventory screens
  • The health cheats work all during the battle
  • The map cheats work on the map screens
  • The instant kill cheats work during the battle
  • AI ends up taking over the character cheats during the battle
  • The addition of 1000 XP cheat works only in the character screen

God Made Character of Mount and Blade Warband 

You can always follow the below-mentioned steps to make the godlike character, which could help in unlocking the money needed to upgrade the level. You can expand your realm, claim all of the ultimate prizes and also the throne of caldaria. Here are the easy steps:

  1. Start up the game with any of the characters in history
  2.  Click on the character sheet, go to the statistics option and then click on Export Character Option
  3.  Then got” “computer>Local disk>User”>,” the name of the PC you use, documents, mount & blade Warband, open the text file.
  4.  You can edit the gold character and the sheet
  5.  Maximum skills – 10, attributes – 63, and the skills of the weapon can be increased to 460
  6.  Start of the game along with a character with the same name
  7.  Then, open up the character sheet, click on the characteristics and then import it.