Minecraft APK download v1 14.4 2 Free


Minecraft APK download v1 14.4 2 free for Android devices that has been updated with a number of features can be downloaded via below given trusted source links. This apk is compatible with Android smartphones, tablets and even can be used on Windows 10 or 11 PC via the Bluestack application!!

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a very popular and demandable sandbox game among mobile gamers around the world. We all love to play video games or want to be armour or swordsman. In this game you can fulfill your dream and make your own world.

This game has millions of pro players all over the world and is the most successful mobile game ever. The video game has achieved top-ranked among the top titles that have dominated the gaming platform.

It’s been a long time since the game was released, but Minecraft has still a great impact in the gaming industry and hence people look for their latest version.

Minecraft v1 14.4.2 is one of the most popular and famous versions. Users downloaded the beta version to try out the game for free before purchasing the official one. Let’s checkout some key details about this apk below!

Minecraft APK download v1 14.4 2 free

Minecraft Apk Download v1.14.4 2 Free for Android

  • Name : Minecraft Apk download v1.14.4 2 Free for Android
  • Size : Varies with device
  • Version : 14.4.2
  • Category: Arcade
  • Developer: Mojang
  • Downloads: 50M+
  • Apk File Size: 90MB

Minecraft Apk download v1 14.4 2 Free for Android Features

  1. Now count of flowers has been increased to make the games looks nicer and more beautiful.
  2. You’ll see different flowers here and there, looks so cool in best settings.
  3. New types of fences with strong durability and texture added.
  4. For the construction of a castle or house, additional wallpaper added.
  5. New behaviors added for foxes.
  6. At the first appearance of birds or small animals, they will behave very wildly and want to attack prey to eat.
  7. New item added to trade with the villagers.
  8. Now you can settle in the village and work for the villagers as you can buy very rare weapons, armour from other worlds.
  9. Now you can harvest from a berry Bush and these will be a source of food.
  10. Feature to craft the slabs from new ores.

Bugs Fixed in Minecraft apk download v1.14.4.2 Free for Android

  1. Stuck in Door bug is fixed.
  2. Light sources not glowing properly in some chunks. Now it is fixed.
  3. Server error is fixed.
  4. Item picking sound is fixed.
  5. Shulker boxes lose their names is also fix.
  6. Crops planting sound is fixed.
  7. Game crashed after breaking the villager point of interest is fixed.

How to Download Minecraft APK v1.14.4.2 on Android?

  1. Go to the link given below and download the Minecraft APK file having size 90MB.
  2. Enable the “Install from Unknown Source” on your device.
  3. Find the APK file on your File Managerand Install it.
  4. Once the installation is completed, launch the game on your device and Enjoy.

Note: Please make sure you have enough free storgae on your device before downloading the Minecraft apk game. The size of the APK file is around 90 MB!!

 || Download link: https://bit.ly/3gTwz0t ||

System Requirements for Minecraft Apk download v1 14.4 2 Free for Android

RAM: We recommend you go with minimum 2GB RAM. Avoid the downloading on devices having RAM 1GB, because it will create lagging issue!

Device storage: We recommend you mini 16GB internal storage. This game take very less space but as we are talking about mini requirement. So always consider a good spec with 2GB+16GB. This is mini specs, but higher would be better and acceptable.

Android version: Minecraft is available for Android 4.2V. But for this update, Android 8 and upper OS quite good for gaming performance!


There’s more fun to be had with this Minecraft apk v1.14.4.2 for Android and iOS. Take the adventure with you for more dedicated hours and immersion.

If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to share this awesome apk with others!