Lost your phone? Here’s what you’re supposed to do


Suppose you are going to work, in the morning, and you check your bag or your pockets because you want to catch up on all the work gossip before going in. You fumble in your bag and pockets and that first moment of panic comes true. You have lost your phone or worse someone has stolen it!

So what to do if you lost your phone?

Well, do not fret! as we are going to share some tips. Here are some phone finding tips that may help you to locate and/or secure your phone in case it goes missing. So if anything happens try the following tweaks!

lost your phone

7 Tips to Find if You Lost Your Phone

Ring your phone

Start simple. Maybe your phone has fallen out of your bag or pocket and is hiding under a bus seat. This will be a bit hard if your phone is on vibrate and silent but sometimes if the phone is on a hard surface, the vibration is fairly audible.

Send a text message

Maybe you have lost your phone after all and a kind-hearted human being has picked it up but does not know how to reach you. Send a text message to your phone giving your current location and an estimated time for your waiting and see if anyone turns up. However, refrain from sending your home address to the phone because in case it really is stolen, then that person now knows where you live!

Locate your Device

If you think that no one has picked your phone up or even if they have but still not reached out to you, fret not because all Android phones and iPhones have this feature nowadays. For android, the function is called Find My Device, while for iOS it’s called Find My.

For android phones, however, you might have to perform an additional task of putting in your Google ID, the same as the one in your phone to uncover the location. It helps you get to know the live location of where your phone is at the current moment.

Remote Access

If the tips provided above do not help you find your phone till now, then it would be best to consider it stolen. But in this day and age, when a smartphone is a blueprint of our every action and is loaded with sensitive information, especially financial data and personal data, it’s not so much the smartphone but the data itself that becomes a risk. But in this day and age, we also access our information from multiple devices.

This gives remote access from one device to another. So quickly log in to your smartphone from your work computer or home computer to get access to sensitive information remotely. This will help you to either hide the data or might also help you transfer the data to cloud storage. But most importantly log out from any banking app, email as well as social media that you may be logged into from your phone, through the remote access feature.

Change Password

Remote access also gives you the ability to change passwords, lock patterns etc. Changing the password or pattern or security code might give you some time to figure out your next steps without worrying about someone going through all the critical information in your phone, at the given moment.

Contact your service provider

Now that you have somewhat secured your data, immediately contact your service providers to let them know of the theft and to also deactivate your sim card to avoid any confusion that you are not using that device.

Deactivating a sim card also automatically logs you out of many apps that can be otherwise accessed from your number. Sometimes the service providers also have services to flag your phone so that any activity will alert a response that says the phone was stolen so that the thief cannot sell it to any dealer.

Report to the Police

When you have done all of this, the final thing left to do is to file a report with the police, stating that your phone has been lost. If you are lucky and they intercept the phone’s location, there might still be a chance to get your phone back.

But if that does not happen, then all is not lost. Reporting with Police gives you a verified document stating loss or theft that will help you to issue a new sim card with your previous number.

It also helps you get coverage from your phone insurance company. That’s right! Phone insurance companies provide financial coverage to phones not just when there is damage but also in case of loss or theft through lost phone insurance. Hence, make sure you get your phone insured as soon as you purchase it.


Losing a phone is a harrowing ordeal. But nowadays technology and insurance companies together have made this ordeal a bit easier and simpler to deal with.

You are in charge of all your data and whether to remove them or back them up remotely is your decision. Gone are the days when with the phone you lost all the information and memories.

You do not even have to worry about the horror of spending money to buy a new phone because your insurance will cover the cost. So do not forget to get your phone insured from authorized center!