How to add partner numbers to Starbucks App

Since the Starbucks app launched in 2011, it has been a popular way for customers to pay for their coffee. The app allows you to add money to your account and then use your phone to scan the barcode on your cup before you leave the store. But what if you want to buy someone else’s coffee? Here’s how to add partner numbers to Starbucks app.

How to add partner numbers to starbucks app

Step by Step Instructions: How to add partner numbers to Starbucks App?

The Starbucks app can be used as a loyalty card. Just add your partner number (the number associated with your account) and then every time you make a purchase, you’ll earn stars towards free drinks and food.

Starbucks Rewards member

If you’re not already a Starbucks Rewards member, you can sign up for free online or through the Starbucks app. Once you’re signed up, you can enter your partner number to link your account and start earning rewards.

You’ll earn a star for every purchase made with your registered card, and once you have 12 stars, you’ll get a free reward. The Starbucks Rewards program offers a variety of different benefits, so be sure to check out the website or app to learn more.

Well, if you are a Starbucks partner and don’t know how to add partner numbers to Starbucks app, then here we come up with some instructions. So, open the official starbuck app and follow these instructions.

  1. Open the Starbucks app and tap on the More tab.
  2. Tap on Manage Accounts.
  3. Tap on Add a Partner Number.
  4. Enter your partner number and tap on Save.
  5. Your partner number will be added to the Starbucks app.

So, guys, this is the complete process to add partners number on starbucks app. It is quite simple and easy. Now if you found what you were looking for you can guide others so they can also add their partner on starbucks app.

If you have any doubts, then feel free to contact us below and don’t forget to share this awesome partner adding trick on social media sites – Have Fun!!

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