How Can Wearable App Developers Help You, and How To Choose A Company?


Wearable app developers or mobile apps have revolutionized the way people approach fitness. For instance, it enables them to monitor their workout regularly, track their calorie intake, and offer advice on workouts.

Moreover, the benefits of such apps are not limited to just the individual users but also help doctors track their patient’s health. Healthcare professionals rely on wearables for glucometer readings, monitoring the heart rate, blood pressure readings, and oxygen levels.

Suppose you are a startup developing wearable apps for clients in the medical sector and looking for professional assistance. In that case, it is a good idea to hire wearable app developers to help you with such projects.

Hiring professional developers helps you attract more customers with a custom mobile app, stay ahead of your competitors by adapting the latest technology trends, and use wearable apps for unique applications.

What are some of the solutions offered by professional developers in this field, the latest trends in wearable apps, and how big is this market? Continue reading to get the more relevant answers below.

Wearable app developers

Why Should You Hire Wearable App Developers?

Brainstorming session

During the brainstorming session, you can present your ideas and an overall vision of what your app would look like. You could consider your budget, technology, and objectives for launching the application during this stage.

Conduct market research

A healthcare development company helps you conduct market research to determine the popular apps in the healthcare market, analyze your competitors, and prepare surveys and questionnaires.

They will also consider the various challenges facing wearable technology in the healthcare sector, like intuitive user interface, easy privacy controls, and customization (to meet the user’s specific needs).

Development stage

During the development stage, the developers consider various suggestions and features to be included in the app and choose a suitable platform to meet your requirements. The process consists of three factors: front-end, back-end, and application programming interface (API).

How big is the wearable app market?

The significance of the wearable app market can be gauged by statistics, which predict the growth of this market by 184,403 million USD by 2031, while 79% of businesses acknowledge its role in increasing their sales output.

Increasing health and fitness awareness worldwide has ensured a steady demand for these devices. As per one report share by, The wearable technology market size is projected to reach USD billion in 2027 growing at an estimated CAGR of 14% during 2021-2027. While some other reports predict a growth of 18% CAGR between 2023 to 2026.

Latest Trends In Wearable Applications

Wearable loT

The Internet of things (loT) refers to a network of interconnected devices that enable efficient data exchange. It has played a significant role in healthcare, helping with data collection, security, and profile management.

The future of wearable technology lies in loT integration with AI, resulting in applications like remote asthma monitors, glucose trackers, Bluetooth-enabled apps for cancer patients, and wearable defibrillators.

Predictive analysis

Predictive analysis in the healthcare sector can be used for geo-mapping, risk estimation, and determining what-if scenarios. It can also prevent health deterioration in patients, decrease the chances of readmission, reduce canceled appointments, and prevent patients from inflicting self-harm.

How To Choose A Wearable App Development Company?

Before choosing a healthcare app developer, you should consider asking them which devices they provide solutions for. These include Apple Watch, Android devices, Samsung Wearables, and Fitbit.

Each of these is a popular wearable in the healthcare sector. You could also consider looking at some of their healthcare application development work to get an idea of the expected results.

You should hire healthcare wearable app developers to get the best results from developing your medical application. They will help you create a user-friendly, interactive and contain all the necessary features desirable in one.

If you would like to cover more people worldwide then an Android wearable app developer will be the best option for you as Google’s Android covers ~71% market share as compared to Apple iOS.

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