Free Touch Screen Government Phones


Through the Lifeline Assistance Program, the US government allows eligible individuals to get a free touch screen government phones with varying mobile plans based on their location as well as choice of network carrier.

Although all networks do not give you the option to choose your phone, there are some that give you the chance to choose a phone of your choice from the available options.

For such cases, we have compiled a list of the best free government smartphones that you can choose from, based on availability.

Free Touch Screen Government Phones

Free Touch Screen Government Phones with Specs

#1. LG V50 ThinQ

This 6.4-inch smartphone has an appealing design and comes with an aluminium water-resistant frame. It provides crystal clear streaming and viewing with its high-resolution screen. Although it comes with Android 9 software, it can be upgraded to Android 10 without any hassles.

Its Snapdragon 855 octa core processor aids in a seamless gaming experience and makes sure that the phone functions properly even with the latest apps and games.

As for the camera, you can click like a pro with its 12MP and 5MP cameras. Storage is also never a concern with this phone, as it comes with 128 GB internal storage and 6GB RAM. If that is still not enough, you can always make use of an external microSD card for additional storage to download movies and tv shows.

One thing to note is that the phone supports GSM and Sprint networks, but not all CDMA networks.

#2. Motorola Moto G6

One of the best smartphones from Motorola, this model is a must-have if you are obsessed with selfies. It has a 16 MP front camera with LED flash, that beautifully lets your capture shots even in the dark. Its rear cameras are just as impressive with a 12 MP and a 5 MP camera with dual flash.

The phone also has the latest technological features, from fingerprint sensors and accelerometers to a proximity sensor and magnetometer. You can check its users manuals for more details and learn all functions and hidden features related to OS very easily and quickly without any issue.

As for its display, it comes with a 5.7-inch screen and 1080×2160 pixel resolution that lets you watch your favourite shows and movies with clarity.

Moreover, the phone is protected with a reliable gorilla glass screen and works with a 1.8GHz octa core processor to deliver fast performance.

#3. Samsung Galaxy S10

If you have been looking for free Samsung government phone then Samsung’s flagship model does not disappoint in any aspect, especially its battery. In flagship line, S10 is one of best free touch screen government phones that comes with a long-lasting 3400mAh battery, that will let you use your phone all day long without any charging issues.

Moreover, its Snapdragon 855 chipset and octa-core processor give you high performance and let you use heavy apps and games seamlessly. You can use the power to open various type of  applications.

As for the camera, the phone is an excellent choice if you want to click professional photographs. It comes with 12MP and 16MP camera lenses that let you captures multiple photos and videos with a single tap, making it a must-have device for photography lovers.

#4. Google Pixel 3

Another impressive option, the Google Pixel 3a has a fairly large 5.6-inch display and long-lasting battery. It works with all GSM as well as CDMA networks and has great call quality.

Its 12.2 MP camera lets you capture moments in not just night mode, but also has a portrait mode option for a more professional click. The phone comes with 4GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage.

Moreover, if you need extra storage, you can always save all your pictures and videos for free with Google photos.

All these free touch screen government phones comes with latest technology and secured with latest patches and updates. You can even look for the new variants that comes with better camera and offers latest security feature with 5g connectivity.

Finally guys, at present the trend of free 5g government phones is a buzz word. As the technology is in advance mode and everybody needs a new devices as per the latest tech norms, then the 5g phones could be the better choice.  But for this you need an extra budget as the 5G phone costs more than the 4G phone.