25 Best Pokemon ROM Hacks


We have come up with best Pokemon rom hacks which are customized by the fans. So, don’t wait… download and play these modified games for free and also share it with others. Let’s have a look at the complete list of Pokemon GBA Rom Hacks.

Are you willing to know more about Pokemon ROM hacks 2022? Nowadays, the Pokemon Community has become the most significant community on the internet. The love for the comics, games, movies and anime-related to this pokemon keeps constantly growing. With the release of this Pokemon Go, a huge portion of people began to play these Pokemon games.

If you are willing to play any of the pokemon rom games, this can also be costly. This you have to depend totally on your parent’s pocket. You have purchased the console first and, after that, the game. But if you do not have much money to spend on these Pokemon games, you do not need to be worry; there are plenty of other ways you can also play entirely free of cost.

You can play this best pokemon rom hacks on your laptops, computers & mobile phones altogether free of charge. In this blog, you can know each and everything about this, So read this blog minutely. To know about this in detail, you should know about Pokemon Rom hacks download first.

best pokemon ROM hacks

Best Pokemon Rom Hacks Game You Should Try!

Since 2000, this pokemon community has been making unofficial pokemon games by utilising different types of software. These games are known as the rom hacks. These Pokemon ROM hack games are generally similar to that original game.

For instance, consider an official game, Pokémon red. One maker can make this rom hack of the pokemon red, and the only difference from that original will be the complexity level of that game. Many creators could change the actual storyline as well. YO can also have the various variations of one single game.

The most attractive part of the rom hacks is that you also can play them with any device just utilising the proper emulator. These emulators are the specific software that runs these rom games from the device.

For instance, visual boy advance is a great emulator for mobile phones as well as computers. In this blog, we will look at some superior rom hacks which you can play. Are you still wondering about Pokemon Rom hack 2022? Here we are giving the details to help you in your search.

#1. Pokemon Light Platinum version

Pokemon light platinum is the best pokemon rom hack. Pokemon light platinum is the remake rom of the pokemon ruby version. This is the completed GBA game, & also you can play this on any GBA emulators.

#2. Pokemon Dark rising Version

Pokemon dark rising is the fan-made game made by the team of the Dark rising Girl. They utilised a pokemon FireRed rom as a base for the game. Pokemon dark rising is a famous pokemon ROM hack.

#3. Pokemon Dark Rising 2 version

Once you are done playing the dark pokemon rising, you should begin playing this pokemon dark rising 2. This game is also a sequel to the dark rising. The story from the dark rising continues in this dark rising 2.

#4. Pokemon blazed and glazed versions

Pokemon blazed, and glazed versions are also based on the pokemon emerald version. In pokemon Glazed, you will play like the twelve-year-old kid, who generally aims to become a number 1 pokemon trainer.

#5. Pokemon Resolute version

Pokemon resolute is the hack of a pokemon Emerald version. This game has earned massive popularity among this pokemon community for its fantastic storyline. Like each pokemon game, you begin your journey from the small city with the starter pokemon.

#6. Pokemon Mega power version

Pokemon mega power is the emerald rom hack. This is the first game where you have the mega growth in the emerald game. This is the latest released version by the developer. This would be best if you would play this pokemon resolute before beginning the game if you are willing to know the entire story.

#7. Pokemon Nameless version

Pokemon nameless version is the rom hack of the pokemon FireRed version. This nameless is a sequel of the pokemon Resolute & the prequel of the pokemon Mega Power if you are willing to have the entire experience of this game.

#8. Pokemon Gaia version

Pokemon Gaia is the incredible hack of the pokemon FireRed rom. These 360 degrees change the game’s look as the sprites and graphics of the game has improved.

#9. Pokemon snakewood version

Pokemon snakewood is the other pokemon ruby rom hack. This game is also slightly different from another rom hack, as this game has Zombies in this.

#10. Pokemon Flora Sky version

This is the pokemon ROM hack version that has everything. There are tons of mountains, hidden locations, caves, & many other kinds of stuff in this game. This will make you look at each corner of this game.

#11. Pokemon Theta Emerald EX Version

You can also consider this Pokemon Theta emerald EX Version like the best game while this comes to the central diversity in this gameplay. This game is the emerald rom hack & also an updated version of this pokemon Theta Emerald.

#12. Clover Version

Pokemon clover is the rom hack of the pokemon FireRed. This is one of the best fake pokemon rom hacks. This game is also full of fakemons, which you can also train and catch just like the regular pokemon.

#13. Pokemon Liquid Crystal

Pokemon liquid crystal has a calm storyline. This was created by utilising the fire red rom. You can also say that this game is just a remake of the pokemon crystal, the boy colour game. This hacked game also changes a complete story & map of the fire red. While you play this pokemon liquid crystal, you can notice it has the same storyline as the pokemon crystal. You can experience some unique events which are not present in the Pokémon crystal.

#14. Pokemon Fusion Origin

Instead of having the normal pokemon, you can also discover a lot of fusion pokemon in the game, which means two or more pokemon are also fused to have various typing. Currently, this game has more than two hundred fused pokemon, which you can also catch & train. This game is recently under development & also will pay the part in the game for now.

#15. Pokemon Sienna

Pokemon Sienna is outstanding amongst other pokemon fire red rom hacks created by hashtag. If you are a great pokemon rom hack fan, this is a superb hack that you cannot skip anymore. The game developer began to develop this game in 2010. And now, finally, after the long wait, you can also download that complete version.

#16. Pokemon Radical Red

Pokemon Radical Red is the fantastic rom hack of the pokemon fire red developed by the Yuuii. This hack itself is the alteration of the interactivity components in the fire red.

#17. Pokemon Wally Edition

A poke maniac also wanted to know the actual story of Wally; that is why Bladecraft made the game pokemon Wally Edition. In this game, you can play as the Wally & experience the journey in this Pokemon World.

#18. Pokemon Adventures Red Chapters

This pokemon Adventures Red chapter generally follows the pokemon Adventure Red Manga & the creator changed a few occasions to make this game more engaging.

#19. Pokemon Saiph

This is the best pokemon rom hack that has recently been developed. This game also revolves around the mysterious crystals & also their energy. So if want to experience something new then try this version!

#20. Pokemon Sovereign of The Skies

This Pokemon Sovereign of the skies in the amazing Emerald rom hack, which the Dragonfyre has developed. A developer, Dragonfyre, made this game by using a codebase engine.

#21. Pokemon GS Chronicles

Pokemon GS Chronicle is the new pokemon Fire Red rom hack developed by the Spanish rom hacker.  It is an interesting new GBA ROM hack  which takes the concept of Gold, Silver, and Crystal. The story is somewhat the same but at the same time different.

#22. Pokemon Rocket Edition

Another great pokemon Fire Red rom hack is this pokemon Rocket Edition. This game is quite similar to the counterpart, but the only difference is that you have to play as the team rocket member.

#23. Pokemon Unbound

If you search for the fresh and latest pokemon rom hack, then the pokemon unbound will be the appropriate choice for you. All these details will help you to understand this Pokemon ROM hacks download.

#24. Pokemon Battlehip

This adventure puts you in the middle of a cruise ship. You are a 45 year old gentleman or a socialite who has all the money in the world but would do anything to increase their revenue . Satisfy your gold lust and see if you can beat all the trainers aboard including a highly skilled captain and win a really expensive prize.

#25. Pokemon Bronze 2


So, here we have noticed some best pokemon rom hacks. Still, there is a lot of fans made games that you can also try to play. If you are searching for some best rom hacks, then the games, which we have also covered here, would also satisfy your requirements. Every game mentioned here has the best features of playing, pokemon rosters, story & many other attractive features.

Now, this is entirely your turn to play this on your computer or the mobile phone; ultimately, you will enjoy this game. We hope that you can also capture every pokemon & can be the pokemon master of your region. You can also get a lot of websites to know more about Pokemon ROM hacks 2022 & pokemon ROM hacks download.

If you have any questions regarding the best pokemon rom hacks list the please let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to share it with others!