7 Best Audiobook Torrenting to Download eBook Torrent!


For the book lovers, we got a list of best Audiobook torrenting sites that you can use to download the latest mp3 torrent of a book.  These websites cover a billion of recordings in different languages for all ages. From classic books to latest eBooks, all would be available for free on these Audiobook torrent sites!

So, if you want to listen the recording of a book in any language or you want to download the mp3 songs, latest Dj songs then you can check the following torrent sites for Audiobooks.

Audiobook Torrenting

Best Audiobook Torrenting to download an eBook Recording

In the current times, all thanks to the advancements of technology, there is a whole new trend for audiobooks and people are looking forward to explore more of them with time. If you are a die-hard audiobook fan, you don’t need to stress as we have got your back.

Ideally, audiobook torrenting is a buzzword for all audiobook fans. We have covered various mp3 torrent sites or other eBook torrent sites where you can find the recording of your favourite book for free.

AudioBook Bay

Without a second thought, we can say that audiobook Bay is one of the biggest names in the Audio book niche. The best part is that it genuinely deserves the ranking. There are thousands of audiobooks categorized in more than 50 genres, including action, art, autobiography, etc.

How to use AudioBook Bay

You can easily find your favorite book by searching for the titles on the audiobook torrenting site. You can also ask the audiobook bay’s community in case you don’t see any text. So whatever you need, just type in search area and download the torrent file!

My Anonymous

It is one of the most accessible and most resourceful sites available out there, especially for audiobooks and magazines. It has more than 60000 files in 20 niches, and you need to search for the book you need by browsing on the web.

The site claims to have an active user base of 430000 users. There are also graphic novels available besides audiobooks and ebooks. Being a private site, it also has some closed groups.


The site is quite similar to AudioBook Bay, and it offers a diverse collection of audiobooks split into various categories including, Bios & Memoires, Business, Classics, etc.

You need to head to the search bar and search for your favorite book, and it will show the books available. The Google drive links make the site stand out in the crowd, and you can also download the book directly or read it while you are online.


The site is pretty decent and has a massive index of at least 65000 seeds, and it wouldn’t be wrong to call it one of the biggest torrent sites. The site mainly focuses on audiobooks and offers some books, which is pretty challenging to find on other sites.

It also has an active community where you can ask questions and request the books you would like to read. Being a private site, to access the site, you might get an invitation to access the content on the site.


It is one of the best mp torrent sites as it offers access to a vast library of retail ebooks and audiobooks. Besides audiobooks, you can also find some comics and magazines.

Unfortunately, they have pretty challenging rules for uploading content, so the site doesn’t have several signups since the time it has been public.


The site is relatively popular as it has a vast database and a decent section for audiobooks. It also has some rare content that isn’t available on average areas, including movies or comics.

You shouldn’t expect download speeds to be incredible as it is a semi-private site. But the best part is that the place is pretty safe and also has healthy seeders.

The Pirate Bay

It is one of the most well-known and best free pirated audio books sites out there. It is also the oldest & biggest torrent tracker and on many popular torrent search engine sites it ranks at #No 1.

On The Pirate Bay you can find several torrents that covers  various categories, including Tv shows, comics, etc. You can even check of the books recording, just type the name of your audiobook on the search bar, and your request will be sorted.

You can use any of the above-mentioned sites, as they are user friendly and will help in solving your purpose.  If you unable to access any site then please use a VPN. A VPN will unlock the Audiobook torrenting sites access and you can download the ebooks recordings without any issue!