Top 7 Anime Sharing Torrent to Download Dubbed TV Shows with Subtitles


Locating anime sharing torrent sites isn’t as tricky as it once was. That’s because anime has become so popular that millions of people worldwide look for anime content every day on the internet. Thus, specialized peer-to-peer anime sharing torrents have emerged, enabling you to watch movies and TV shows as soon as they are made available online.

Here we have compiled the list of top 7 Anime sharing torrent websites which you can prefer to download dubbed TV shows with the subtitles. We would recommend you always access these anime sites via a secure VPN like nordVPN, express VPN etc.

Anime Sharing Torrent

7 Best Anime Sharing Torrent Websites to Download Anime Shows

#1. Nyaa

You can download anime torrent for free from one of the largest public anime torrents. You can browse through categories like anime music videos, non-English-translated anime, raw anime, pictures, and games to see what appeals to you.

When you use your web browser to access this anime torrent, you’ll see a simple list of the available files. Seeders and leechers can manage this list by seeding and leeching according to seeder and leecher preferences and completing downloads. Click the “download” button to begin your anime torrent download.

#2. 9anime

It’s more of a streaming service than the best anime torrent sites. It includes a wide range of genres, including action, comedy, and romance. You’ll be able to watch any anime you want on the web with it. In addition, you can use it as a free anime downloader to get all of your favourite anime shows.

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#3. 1337x

Even though the interface of 1337x isn’t the best, it is a pioneer in the torrenting community. It is possible to look up movies or TV shows and videogames, music, or other types of software. Even more specialized subcategories, such as anime, are covered. If you’re looking for the best anime torrent sites, you can look at the most downloaded torrents or do a manual search.

#4. Torrent lime

In the past, this was the most widely used torrent repository on the planet. Despite this, the show is still going strong and has a sizable following. It’s interesting to see how much anime sharing torrents content LimeTorrents has to offer. Almost any well-known anime film or TV show can be found here, even an older production.

#5. The Ultimate anime

Anime Ultimate is an alternative to torrenting sites if you don’t want to register. Many of the biggest anime fans in the world came together to create this torrenting website, which is based in France. In addition to having some of the best anime torrents, it’s developed a lively and enthusiastic community as well.

#6. Pirate Bay 

Every torrent search engine recommends The Pirate Bay. It  is probably the most well-known torrenting website these days. It doesn’t require an introduction. Everything from movies to documentaries, video games, software, and ebooks can be found here, including anime sharing torrents. You don’t even need an account to use The Pirate Bay because it’s so user-friendly.

#7. Anime layer

This website has a listing for the anime with all of the relevant information, including screenshots. It aids in the decision-making process of whether or not to download it. Here, you must first register. There’s also a message board for exchanging ideas.


It’s hard to believe, but anime has been around for over a century now. On the other hand, the internet allowed it to spread outside of Japan and enchant the rest of the world only in the last few decades. Although there are multiple torrents available, but the above list is quiet comprehensive.

So, guys which anime sharing torrent website do you like most?

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