4 PC Cleaning Tools You Should Use


There are a plenty of PC cleaning tools which you can use to make your PC performance fast and speedy. Let’s uncover them and see how to get the right one from a downloading source for free!

If you are a computer user, you must have come across many problems with your computer. It is quite common for users to face issues with their computers, such as slow or freezing, error messages, security viruses, etc.

To fight these issues, you need a strong inbuilt system that can protect your PC.

It is important to keep your PC clean from junk files and other external threats so that it can maintain its superior operational strength.

In this article, we’ll tell you why you need a PC cleaner software and a list of the top 4 PC cleaner software tools available in the market.

PC cleaning tools

Why Do I Need A PC Cleaner Software Tool?

PC cleaner software tool is a must-have for every PC. This tool can help you in many ways—

  • It can prevent viruses, spyware and other threats from affecting your computer.
  • It also provides better security and privacy to your PC.
  • This tool helps you to clean junk files, unused programs, unnecessary files and other junk files from your computer so that it can run faster than before.
  • Restores your PC to its original working condition.
  • Enhances your PC’s life.

You can easily download a PC cleaning tool on Pirate Bay and use it to protect your PC from the unwanted cache and foreign malicious threats.

What Are The Best PC Cleaning Tools for You?

Here’s a list of the top 4 PC cleaning tools that you can consider and optimize the speed in just few minutes. They are quite good in their job and you will get a faster PC without installing a new OS.


BleachBit is an open-source secure deletion program.

It provides a way to delete files without having to worry about the safety of your computer. The tool finds and deletes sensitive information on your hard drive, including files that cannot be recovered after being deleted.

This secure deletion feature is made possible through the use of advanced algorithms and a unique combination of features that are not found in other similar programs.

The software uses a process called “bit-flipping” to ensure that files are removed completely from your hard drive.

This method requires that the file system be completely empty before starting any removal processes, which ensures that no data will remain behind once the process has been completed.


FileCleaner is a PC cleaner software tool that scans and cleans up your computer, removing junk files, temporary files and other trash to make your computer run more efficiently.

FileCleaner works by automatically scanning your computer and finding the types of junk files that slow down your system. These include registry errors and invalid shortcuts on your desktop that can slow down your computer’s performance.

Once a scan has been completed, FileCleaner will then remove the junk files from your computer. These include temporary files as well as many others.

You can choose whether or not to save them in a recycle bin. This allows you to keep these items if you want them for later use or if you want them deleted immediately from your device so they will no longer slow down its performance further.

Advanced System Optimizer

Advanced System Optimizer is a software utility that improves computer performance and speed by cleaning up and optimizing your PC.

Once you’ve installed Advanced System Optimizer, you can use the program’s built-in system analyzer to check how your computer is running and what it needs to run faster.

If you’re experiencing slowdowns or other issues with your system performance, you can employ this tool to solve the issue, whether it’s speeding up the boot time on your PC or reducing the number of processes running at once.

CCleaner Professional

CCleaner Professional is one of the best PC cleaning software tools available. It offers a variety of features that make it a great choice for both beginners and experts in computer maintenance.

It offers a number of useful functions, including—

  • Automatic removal of junk files (including temporary internet files) and other unnecessary files.
  • Removes cookies, browser toolbars and other items from your computer to prevent any unsightly tracking or adware from remaining on your system.
  • Cleans up your registry so that Windows will run more smoothly once you install new software


You can select any one tool from the list provided above. Understand their applicability and connect them with your requirements.

If you don’t have a PC cleaner yet, get it today. The longer you let junk files sit on your PC’s memory, the shorter its life gets.

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