1660 super vs 2060 – Which Graphic card is best for gaming?


Before buying everybody looks for 1660 super vs 2060 comparison. So, if you want to improve the graphics while gaming and need a budget friendly GUI card from Nvidia then don’t forget to checkout a detail comparison between both cards below. We also cover which card would be best fit for you.

1660 super vs 2060 Nvidia graphics cards for gaming

Nvidia’s midrange graphics pileup was more vital than ever before. It is mainly because it is all on a budget, and you don’t need to stress about burning a hole in your pocket. However, to make your buying process easy, you should consider reading ahead, and you can get clarity on 1660 super vs 2060.

Nvidia GTX vs RTX and their Basic Models

Firstly, you need to understand the basic terms, including GTX and RTX. Ideally, Gtx means Giga Texel Shader eXtreme, and its basic model was launched in 2008, featuring 200 series. In 2019, the latest models were launched including GTX 1650, GTX 1660, GTX 1660Ti. All the super counterparts were made using Turing architecture as it promises the next-gen processing of the latest updates.

If we talk about the RTX, it is a Ray Tracing Texel eXtreme, and first models were launched in 2018. The main aim of RTX cards is for rendering of the real time render which enhances lightning’s accuracy, including shadows and global illumination, which claims to make the game stunning and realistic.

1660 super vs 2060

GTX 1660 super and RTX 2060 – Which one is Best?

When the quality increases, the graphics also need to increase their capacity to deliver the best possible performance, making images look realistic with better frame rates. The best thing to know is that both cards have similar memory patterns, making a lot of difference to the performance than the previous cards.

Ray Tracing and Tensor Cores

Considering the specifications, available experts could quickly summarize that RTX 2060 is undoubtedly one of the most powerful of all time. The best part about the graphic card is that ray tracing and Tensor cores tend to power nifty new lighting and anti-aliasing techniques. The centers also tend to add some future-proof elements.

The ray-tracing here mainly replaces the typical lighting and shadows primarily created with polygons or rasterization. These GPUs can instead stimulate and trace some light naturally, which makes the game look pretty realistic.

However, the technology does take a lot of power, and most games featuring ray tracing as an option will have several frames per second when the dip is likely to be enabled.

Powerful GPU can push 1000fps

If you are looking for a game at 1080p or 1440, you must consider a game at 1080p or 1440p as it features a great GPU and can also push 1000FPS in several modern games, especially at better resolution, and there is no chance of resorting to low game settings.

It is undoubtedly a fantastic choice if you are looking for something in the budget and want to experience the high-end games!

1660 super vs 2060 – final words

The $50 or $60 price difference between both the cards will make it or break it for you. But if your budget allows, you should go for GeForce RTX 2060 as it’s superior in every way and you also get higher frames.

Both the cards are unique without thought. The one you should buy depends on which one you would be coming from like if you are a newcomer to games, then 1660 is your best bet. Still, if you already own Gtx 1650 Super, for example, you shouldn’t think twice before buying RTX 2060, as you wouldn’t feel a lot of performance difference.

Hence you should consider the pros and cons before buying ether of 1660 super or 2060. No doubt you can listen to the other reviews and individuals, but at the end, there is nothing better than your own analysis which comes handy.